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The attendance fee is 250 Swiss Franks (ca. 250 Euro) if you stay at the Gruppenhaus C'est la Vie and 420 Swiss Franks (ca. 420 Euro) if you stay at the Hotel Panorama.

Help us make the convention even nicer by being a sponsor (plus 40 Swiss Franks). You will receive a small gift, a different colour lanyard and you will be mentioned in the conbook.

The convention T-shirt can be bought on-site. If you plan to get one, help us improve our orders by indicating your shirt size.

Your registration is binding: As soon as we have accepted your registration (this may take a few days), we expect your payment within 3 days. Should you not receive any message after your registration, please check your spam filter and contact us at

Registration starts in August. The exact date will be announced on our Twitter-Account and on the website.

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