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Toffee and the Argonauts

Hellas, brave warrior!

Lace up your sandals and join Toffee as he sets sail on his ship to Colchis in search of the legendary Golden Fleece. Many adventures await on the journey! Dragons, harpies, rough seas, fire-breathing bulls, and other daunting trials lie in wait. Only the bravest will succeed — if the gods will it!

Golden Leaves Con 14 takes you on a journey into ancient times. Our ship can accommodate nearly 300 adventurers. Our home port is in peaceful Hasliberg in the Bernese mountains. For overnight stays, we have two adjacent taverns available: the Panorama Hotel and the C'est la Vie hostel.

Our adventure takes place on October 23-27 2024 (Wednesday to Sunday).

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Like last year, we are using a lottery system to allocate the spots. Learn more: Lottery FAQ.

About GLC

With nearly 300 participants, the Golden Leaves Con is the largest furry convention in the Alpine region. In the picturesque Hasliberg, it offers a breathtaking view and lots of programs and variety, from Wednesday to Sunday. The con prices start at 270 Swiss Franks at the Hostel C'est la Vie, all meals included.

Want to see for yourself? Have a look at a convention video of last GLC: